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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: "John Y. Peng" <johnpeng@****.UCLA.EDU>
Subject: 6-PACK
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 92 19:17:17 -0800
>>>>>[ Hey team, watch your backs. I hear Hollywood Simsense has hired a
team to "pay us back" for that turn we paid them a while back. I'm not sure
who they are, but they're supposed to be good. Mitsu was none to taken with
us either. I'd be waiting for them to respond in turn as well. I say bring
'em on -- I'll give some false info into the bug I found at my place (sheesh,
talk about amateur night), and then put some of that C-12 I've got lying around
to use. I'll be hard to reach for a few days... Latez. ]<<<<<

- The Mechanic [19:14:42/11-15-52]

>>>>>[ To the Fangs: beware, I sensed negative energies in the Astral
on my last "vacation". I fear it might be a disturbance caused by a certain
focus -- nicknamed "the Tiki". I will try to give you advance warning should
I sense else. Take heed. ]<<<<<

- Silverlock, the P.C. [22:43:11/11-15-52]


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