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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

Subject: Detroit!
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 92 04:42:00 EST
>>>>>[ Ay, Street Boy! You quattin' in the ol' Tiger Stadium? Man, you got
guts! Back when '05, when the big one hit New York, the aftershock waz
felt way up here in D-W. Well while Windsor waz bein' rocked bad, the only
thing that flopped over here was the stadium. 13,000 people geeked in that
place, along with some major sports talent. The wiz's say that "spirits"
haunt the place, just waitin' for the 7th innin' stretch. What ever the
frag that is.]<<<<<

>>>>>[ This is true, chummers. Residents around the area say they can
here the crowds cheering at night. Most of the eastern fan sections are
still reasonbly intact. If you're ever bored at night, you can sometimes
see the ghosts out on the field and the spector spectators watching. Just
beware of the consession vendors, the ghouls will take a bit of you.]<<<<<
-Force V,{04:41:31/11:15:53}


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