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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: "John Y. Peng" <johnpeng@****.UCLA.EDU>
Subject: 6-PACK
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 92 08:09:37 -0800
>>>>>[ Origato, my excellent associates. I have finally received the
you have requested. For an external micro-tooth transmitter/ear receiver set
equivalent to Commlink II: 20,000nuyen. Begging your pardon chummers, but
anything less would not be profitable, hai? After all, you have asked for
innovative wireless communication units, thus, an associate technician of mine
had to become creative. Meet me at the standard place @ 0200, tuesday, and
we can make the exchange. Once again, excellent doing business with you,
6-pack. Our paths will indeed cross again. ]<<<<<

- Benny Hanna, fixer+ [08:02:51/11-16-52]

>>>>>[ Ah, the tech is in. Good. Good. Then we can begin with the minor
cosmetic surgery implantation. For a dental implant that will be pressure
activated and an inner ear surface implant, my surgical fees will amount to
say: 20,000nuyen. After all, we want no accidental essence losses, and you're
getting only the best hands in the biz. Any clinic time used in recovering
will be free of charge -- I'd say 6 hours and you're on the streets. What can
I say? You guys have been great customers in the past... Drop by the clinic
one by one, surgery should take an hour, as I always have the possibility of
other patients of mine dropping by unexpectedly. Good day, gentlemen.

- Dr. Fineous "Fingers" O'Toole [09:15:13/11-16-52]

>>>>>[ Hey, have you guys seen the Mechanic around lately? I'll have to
his share for the gtech tomorrow, cuz I don't think he'll be anywhere where we
can get a hold of him if he don't want to be found. You guys better come up
with your own cred tho'. Hasta. ]<<<<<

- Blacksuit [10:101:11/11-16-52]


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