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From: "mulutuv - 'blowing things up is fun!'" <CBREWER@******.BITNET>
Subject: spirits??????
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 92 11:58:00 EST
>>>>>[I found a piece of cement last night that said tiger stadium... said
was built in 1997, so i am suprised that it didn't stand up to the tremors,
must have been one powerful quake.. I have heard some screems at night, but
i have never seen anything to much out of the ordinary. By the way what was
this stadium used for? Anyway does anybody know of a missing super kid? He
would be a decker/rigger, and would be about 15 years of age. If so i think
i am him, don't know where i am from, or what i have done... all i know is that
i want a deck so i can go exploring....]<<<<<<
--street boy,{11:56:34/11:16:53}


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