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Mailing List Logs for ShadowRN

From: "John Y. Peng" <johnpeng@****.UCLA.EDU>
Subject: 6-PACK
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 92 15:10:12 -0800
>>>>>[ Where's the fragging Mechanic?!?!?! He owes me cred! I did the
boy a favor and picked up his tech, but he better not be geeked in some alley,
cuz Benny ain't offering refunds. If anyone sees him, tell him to drop me a
line. I can't be doing too many chummers these bloody favors. Drek! Oh, and
chummers, I scanned for bugs after the Mechanic's last message, and I picked
up 2 at my pad. Stock model II's by Fuchi, unless I miss my guess. Keep a
handle on it chummers... ]<<<<<

- Blacksuit [19:38:11/11-17-52]

>>>>>[ Ease up Suit, I've got the cred. You know I'm good for it. And
besides, to think that I'd get geeked by those pukin' amateurs is about as
real as life in a fraggin' BTL. Led 2 poor saps to pier 12, and geeked the
chrome-boy -- standard newbie sam looking for a quick-name. I did manage to
just knock out his partner (I probably shoulda geeked 'em both). After some
heavy interrogation, I got him to tell me that Hollywood is after our butts.
Word on the street is they've contracted the 'killer-star' hit team. I'll do
some more digging, but I'm layin' low for now. ]<<<<<

- The Mechanic [00:11:49/11-18-52]


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